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Here are some examples of shows that I have produced as the EP or as a junior producer

When I interned at ABC Radio Operations I was the researcher and question compiler for the Double J ‘David Bowie Is OB’. In this audio you can hear questions that I wrote being voiced by Myf Warhurst when she was interviewing Professor Will Brooker about living his life as David Bowie for a year. 


I produced the program Cruise Control, which was the drive program for the RTI FM Pop Up October Radio Station. I worked with my presenters on Cruise Control on how to begin a break so that they understood how the story was going to develop. We spoke about the 3-part  structure, and how we need to know the conclusion of the break prior to the segment beginning. The topic of this break is piercings.


I produced a podcast called ‘The 15-minute news hour’. It is a comedic podcast that was voiced by Melbourne comedians. During this podcast I organised all guests and comedians, booked studio time, panelled as well as post production. This break highlights my ability to work with different types of people in the creative industry.


I produced this team in the Assisted Broadcast Week at RTI. The presenters use stationality well which highlights my belief that branding is vital. In preparing for this break we discussed how to be creative with content, and looked at how to approach the same topic from different angles.


My cruise control team were all from different towns in Victoria, I suggested that we use that for content. The segment that eventuated was Town Vs Town. I lead the creation of this benchmark segment, which was then refined after input from the presenters.


As the Content Director for the Unassisted Broadcast Week at RTI, and the 2014 SYN Radio Manager (Digital & FM) I have experience managing a team of EPS, presenters and producers.I believe that the producer of a show is there to facilitate the program, and assist the hosts in presenting the best content possible. The producer has to be organized, readily contactable, content focused with the ability to initiate ideas for content and chase leads. These are all qualities that I have acquired through my studies and volunteer positions in the industry. 

Further examples of programs I have produced



Yianni Agisilaou Interview - Anastasia & Warren on JOY FM
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Anastasia & Warren on JOY

Tania George Interview - Anastasia & Warren on JOY FM
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Anastasia & Warren on JOY

RTI Oct 16 Cruise Control's Harry interviews Noel MacNeal

Dr Karl Interview - Anastasia & Warren on JOY FM
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Anastasia & Warren on JOY

Stuart Goldsmith Interview - Anastasia & Warren on JOY FM
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Anastasia & Warren on JOY

Breaks from RTI Oct 16 Cruise Control


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