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Podcast & Radio Producer

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The Central Coast Triple M Breakfast talent Paddy Gerrard and Rob Palmer give their thoughts on what Chiara Kemp was like as their Executive Producer.

This audio was originally recorded to support an ACRA entry.

Whilst I was at Adore Beauty I lead the production of Bride To Be from conception to completion showcased my diverse skills, involving talent selection, budget management, content pitching, podcast strategy development, editing, and post-project reporting.

Whilst I was at Adore Beauty I produced  Beauty IQ Uncensored. Joining Adore Beauty towards the end of FY22, my efforts throughout FY23 resulted in an impressive 45.8% growth in overall podcast downloads (FY22: 1.4 mil | FY23: 1.9 mil) and a win for Beauty IQ Uncensored in the Best Branded Podcast at the 2023 Australian Podcast Awards. I produced episodes 135 - 207.

Whilst I was at Adore Beauty I produced Season 2 of Skincare School with Lab Muffin Beauty Scientist Michelle Wong.

From 2019-2021 I organised hundreds of guests for 2GO/Triple M on the Central Coast.


My highlights include musicians such as Dave ‘Gleeso’ Gleeson from The Screaming Jets, Jimmy Barnes, journalist Ray Martin, Gotcha 4 Life’s Gus Worland and many Central Coast locals. It was very important to the team that we were a voice for our local Coastie residents.

Paddy and Rob were put to the ultimate test of teamwork on a tandem bike in Triple M Branded Lycra. They pushed each other to the limit as they rode on a tandem bike together, while presenting their breakfast show, in an effort to meet as many Coasties as they could! 


As the EP, I was involved in every step of the process for Mics On Bikes. This included:


- Creating the routes with Kalun Townsend (Digital Producer) and getting the equipment tested.


- Co-ordinating the routes with the police.


- Liaising with other departments and assisting our engineer Nik Lawson.


- Planning the on air story arc and digital execution with Digital Producer Kalun Townsend.


- Organising guests on location both stationary and guests joining us on their own bikes. This was difficult as we had 10-20kms to ride per day and we were unsure what time we would be where. 


- Producing the show from a support car for the 3 days.


Here is the video recap by Kalun Townsend. My favourite moment is at 2:11.

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