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Have you ever produced a breakfast show with 2 grown men in Triple M lycra on a tandem bike?

From 2019-2021 I was the Executive Producer for Triple M Breakfast on the Central Coast. In the three years of being EP I had to produce the show through major bushfires, floods and COVID. However it never seemed like work as I collaborated with two great teams, producing content that I am proud of including Mics On Bikes. Paddy & Rob did a roving OB across the Central Coast on a Tandem Bike. As the EP I created the routes, coordinated the wider team (Promotions, Content & Engineering), organised guests and produced the show from the road. On a normal day I enjoyed researching content and ‘the chase’ of organising an interview.


Currently, I am the Podcast Producer at Adore Beauty where I look after Podcast Strategy, Podcast Development, Podcast Adverts, Pitching Content, Arranging Guests and Editing interviews for BIQ Uncensored weekly episodes & bonus episodes plus anything else podcast realted. 

I work with editors and publishers worldwide in my role as a Digital Marketer for Architectural Lighting company illumination Physics. My responsibilities include content curation, EDMs, Social Media, Media Releases and assisting with internal communications.

I have a Masters in Media & Communications from RMIT University where I honed my skills in Media, Communications and Project Management. At RMIT I discovered my love for networking and connecting with people.


If you would like to connect or collaborate on a project I can be reached at


Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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